Gehna: Exploring the Design Space of Jewelry as an Input Modality

10th Jan, 2019

Gehna or jewelry weaves into our everyday life like no other wearable does. In this work, we explore jewelry to enable wearable-based input. We used a Research through Design (RtD) method to combine perspectives from the fields of jewelry design, input techniques, and wearable computing, along with our hands-on study of a sample set of ornaments to formulate the design space of jewelry-enabled input. We prototyped our input techniques through suitable sensing methods, implemented a set of applications to demonstrate the versatility of the platform. This work was (conditionally) accepted at CHI 2019. Camera ready version can be found here.







Arora, J., Mathur, K., Saini, A., Parnami, A. 2019. Gehna: Exploring the Design Space of Jewelry as an Input Modality. To appear in Proceedings of the ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Glasgow, Scotland, May 4 9, 2019). CHI 19. ACM, New York, NY.